Happy Easter 2016

This webpage is a translation exercise to partially fulfill the requirements of the Course 412 210 Advanced English-Thai Translation of the 2011 English Major Curriculum. The aim of the exercise is to simulate a real-world situation where students need to employ their knowledge and skills in translation.

The 3rd year English majors participating in this exercise voted to work on the theme of Easter. They were thus divided into groups of three members, each of which is responsible for one sub-topic. They had to research on the topic, translated the information into Thai, and uploaded the translation onto this page.

Though the overall theme of the exercise is Easter, it should be noted that the purpose and emphasis of the exercise are rather cultural than religious.

The spirit of Easter is re-birth and renewal of hope and well-being. So let us hope that this exercise will, therefore, serve as a springboard for some new-born translators in our literary community.

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Happy Easter 2016 to All Visitors